Diving in Bangka Island

Diving in Bangka Island is blessed with marvelous reef and marine life with a rich topography of volcanic pinnacles, numerous walls and sandy bottoms.

Marine Life Highlights in Bangka Island

cuttle fish | Diving in Bangka Island | Dive Bangka Island | Marine Life in Bangka Island
Cuttle Fish
spanish dancer | Diving in Bangka Island | Dive Bangka Island | Marine Life in Bangka Island
Spanish Dancers
bumphead parrotfish | Diving in Bangka Island | Dive Bangka Island | Marine Life in Bangka Island
Bumphead Parrotfish

Dive Sites In Bangka Island

sahaung | Diving in Bangka Island | Dive Bangka Island | Dive Sites in Bangka Island


Sahaung is a breathtaking experience as it gives divers a great combination of flora and fauna that is accessible by boat. A series of underwater boulders and pinnacles are almost at the surface with a continuous sloping bottom having several shelves as you descend. Here, you will be in awe of the palette of colors as green and amber Soft Corals, Cup Corals, huge Elephant-ear Sponges, and Table Corals maintain a picturesque environment while at the shallow surge, Frilled Leather Corals, Pink, Brown, Lilac and Cream Soft Coral Trees dance in the waters. The background makes for a Fish soup as Barracudas, Midnight and Blue-Striped Snappers, Red-tooth Triggerfish, and Long-fin Bannerfish swarm around you with some Pygmy Seahorses, Teira Batfish, Frogfish, Palette Surgeonfish, Harlequin Sweetlips and resting White-tip Reef Sharks under huge Table Corals. Visibility is 5 to 15 metres with some strong currents and surge at the shallows and depths of 5 to 40 metres.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 5m
Maximum Depth: 40m
Average Visibility: 5m – 15m

batu mandi | Diving in Bangka Island | Dive Bangka Island | Dive Sites in Bangka Island

Batu Mandi

Batu Mandi is shallow dive located at north of the Sulawesi mainland. With no variation in depth, the dive range is from 5 to 25 metres only with a visibility of 10 to 30 metres. At the surface, there is a large rock that continues down with the wall full of stunning macro life such as Ghost Pipefish, Pygmy Seahorses, Cuttlefish, Giant/Warty Frogfish, a profusion of Nudibranchs and some Mantis Shrimps. Of course, if there are lots of fish, there are also healthy reefs and at 20 metres, you would not be disappointed as colossal Sea fans decorate the scene with hues of pink and red. Access to Batu Mandi is by a boat and is suitable for all divers.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 5m
Maximum Depth: 25m
Average Visibility: 10m – 30m

gangga island | Diving in Bangka Island | Dive Bangka Island | Dive Sites in Bangka Island

Gangga Island

A neighboring island of Bangka Island and only a boat ride away, Gangga Island can be found at the northern tip of North Sulawesi in between the Celebes Sea and Molucca Sea. It is usually the starting point of dive safaris to the Bangka Archipelago, Bunaken National Marine Park and Lembeh Strait as it features a variety of rare species and untouched reefs. Above water, tropical trees and greens line the white sandy beaches at the base of a jungle covered hill while underwater is a volcanic slope adorned with soft corals, Table corals and Sponges with a plethora of small reef fishes. Night dives are also recommended in Gangga island as critters such as Pipefish, Shrimps, Lobsters and often seen are Cuttlefish, Octopus and species of Scorpionfish. Visibility is good between 10 to 30 metres with moderate currents.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: –
Maximum Depth: –
Average Visibility: 10m – 30m

batu goso | Diving in Bangka Island | Dive Bangka Island | Dive Sites in Bangka Island

Batu Goso

Steep pinnacles along the east coast of Bangka Island is Batu Goso, a wall that drops to 45 metres with vertical cracks & caves with its peak visible above water. At opposite ends of the pinnacles, there are two drift dives that goes around and through the coral-decorated pinnacles with a moderate slope above them but due do its topography, divers have a chance to escape the currents and observe the marine life. Residents of this dive site are schooling Bannerfish, Sweetlips, Batfish, Butterfly fish and Red-tooth Triggerfish. Other Marine highlights are Mackerels, Dog-tooth tunas, White and Black-tip Reef Sharks. Visibility in Batu Goso is 20 to 30 metres with depths of 5 to 45 metres and may have strong currents.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 5m
Maximum Depth: 45m
Average Visibility: 20m – 30m

busa bora | Diving in Bangka Island | Dive Bangka Island | Dive Sites in Bangka Island

Busa Bora

Busa Bora is a coral slope that features a variety of fish and macro life situated at the corner of a resort in the town with the same name in Bangka Island. A welcoming sight of schooling Blue-striped Snappers will greet you as you descend and within the corals are loads of colourful Nudibranchs. Different species of Pygmy Seahorses are present in its waters and large Gorgonian Sea Fans along with Tree Corals and Giant Basket Stars abound the reef slope on your safety stop. Night dive is ideal in Busa Bora with no currents and typical visibility of 5 to 10 metres while average depth is 17 metres going down to 25 metres. Access to this dive site is through a boat ride and advisable for Advanced divers.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 17m
Maximum Depth: 25m
Average Visibility: 5m – 10m

batu pendeta | Diving in Bangka Island | Dive Bangka Island | Dive Sites in Bangka Island

Batu Pendeta

On the eastern side of Sulawesi is Batu Pendeta, a drift dive that consists of boulders and a pinnacle that goes up the water’s surface rising from a coral plateau. This dive site is for Advanced divers as there are some strong currents but a drop-off with canyons can be found at the plateau where divers can avoid the current and watch as the resident marine life go about their daily activities. Visibility is excellent which ranges from 20 to 30 metres and depths that go from 16 to 40 metres. Accessible by boat, residents of Batu Pendeta are Jacks, Dogtooth Tuna, Sweetlips, and Sharks with regular visitors including Triggerfish, Butterflyfish, Fusiliers, Angelfish and Unicornfish.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 16m
Maximum Depth: 40m
Average Visibility: 20m – 30m

paradise jetty | Diving in Bangka Island | Dive Bangka Island | Dive Sites in Bangka Island

Paradise Jetty

Getting its name from an abandoned hotel next to it, Paradise Jetty is the ideal macro site for those who are starting to learn diving. Visibility in the area is between 10 to 25 metres with low currents and depths of only 5 to 15 metres. Divers will first have a sight of overgrown Sea Fans at the pillars and upon descent, amazing creatures are at the black sandy bottom with a gentle downward slope. Usual sighting are Leaf Fish, Scorpion fish, species of Moray Eels, Batfish, Seahorses, Snake Eels, and at times, Mimic Octopi. A hot spring can be found below the jetty and access to this site is from the shore or through a Liveaboard.

Access: Via Liveaboard / Boat
Average Depth: 5m
Maximum Depth: 15m
Average Visibility: 10m – 25m

Diving in Bangka Island

Bangka Island is a small island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean at the northeast, Celebes Sea to the west and Moluccas Sea to the east. It is situated north of Manado in Sulawesi, Indonesia and part of an Island group together with Kinabohutan, Gangga, Talisei and Tindila. Being part of the Coral Triangle, Bangka Island is the global epicentre of marine biodiversity. It is a given that the island is blessed with marvelous reef and marine life with a rich topography of volcanic pinnacles, numerous walls and sandy bottoms.

There are two seasons in the island, dry season on the months of April to September and wet season starts from October to March. Climate in Bangka Island is equatorial thus diving is possible all year round with average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. Visibility is best during from March to June at around 10 to 35 metres with depths of 5 to 40 metres. Water temperature is normally 28 to 29 degrees Celsius with some cold upwellings in summer.

As Bangka Island is in the heart of the Coral Triangle, its underwater topography is its great feature. Walls, Pinnacles, Gorges, and Swim-throughs make up the dive sites and surrounding islands while adorned with soft corals and critters. Colorful and healty corals vary from Soft Corals, Sea fans, Sponges, to Table Corals and Tree Corals. Recently, the Bangka Conservation Fund was formed with the participation of all the resorts in the island with the aim of stopping the threat of mining and preserving the ecosystems and dive sites around it. Each guest is asked to donate to save funds for implementation of its vision.

The global epicentre of marine biodiversity, Bangka Island is home to a variety of marine life. From the coral reefs, three types of Pygmy Seahorses can be found with Nudibranchs, Blue-ring Octopi, Frogfish, Boxer Crabs and a possible sightings of White-tip Reef Sharks, and Napoleon fish. A fish soup as they would call it, other residents are Blue-Striped Snapper, Barracudas, Red-tooth Triggerfish, Long-fin Bannerfish and Teira Batfish. To reach Bangka Island, divers can join a Manado Liveaboard safari or take a flight to Manado Airport and from there a boat ride to Bangka Island.

Best Diving Season: March to June & October To December
Weather:  April to September (Dry Season) October to March (Wet Season)
Water Temperature: 28°C to 29°C
Marine Animal Highlights: Dugong, Cuttle Fish, Spanish Dancers, Bumphead Parrotfish, Napoleon Wrasse
Recommended Thermal Protection:
Water Visibility:  10m to 35m
Transportation: -Via Liveaboard or Flight to Manado Airport from there a boat ride to Bangka Island

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